Below you can find our rules and regulations for all attendees at Bury Roller Rink. Following the rules helps to ensure that everybody (including yourself) has a great time, accidents are avoided and the facilities are kept clean and damage-free for all to enjoy. If you are unsure of anything please ask one of the marshals.

Note: You must read this notice prior to skating.

  1. No black stoppers.

  2. No disorderly conduct.

  3. No smoking anywhere on the site.

  4. Strictly no chewing gum.

  5. No food or beverage items can be brought into the building.

  6. All food and drink must be kept in the licensed bar/snack area.

  7. No ‘in and out’ privileges - an admission fee will be required for re-entry.

  8. Anybody under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on to the rink.

  9. All in-line and quad skates must be in good repair. No missing wheels or sharp edges.

  10. Fast, reckless behaviour, tag playing, or skating in an unsafe manner that may jeopardise the safety of others is not permitted.

  11. No sitting on the perimeter fence, tables or counters.